Wigs at the Ashland County Cancer Association

The Ashland County Cancer Association is a local program that provides financial, nutritional, and emotional support for cancer patients. This local program is able to help around 300 patients on an annual basis.

In 2021, The Norma Foundation met with the director, Angela, to see if there was any way to help. Angela said they are happy to provide patients with wigs while they are going through chemo, but they had a very limited supply, and all of the wigs were donated after being used.

The Norma Foundation gathered quotes on wigs and learned about the supplies needed in order to keep them in great condition. A salon in Wooster worked with the Foundation to provide high quality wigs at great prices.

A total of 20 wigs were donated to the Ashland County Cancer Association along with additional supplies to take care of the wig. Head coverings and hats are available for patients as well.

Learn more info about the Ashland County Cancer Association at https://www.ashlandcancer.org