Ms. Hruby joined The Norma Foundation in 2021 as the CEO. In this role she strategically oversees the leadership and direction of the foundation through providing resources that promote growth in order to carry out the mission and vision of the organization. Ms. Hruby grew up in southern MN as a part of an extremely entrepreneurial family, where she at a very early age learned strong values that have served her well through her entire professional journey. She attributes her strong entrepreneurial spirit, service attitude, work ethic, integrity, creativity and ability to develop and leverage strong professional relationships to the lessons learned in her formative years. Ms. Hruby is a graduate of the College of Saint Benedict and earned a BA Degree in Sociology. She put her Sociology education to good use, as her entire professional career has been “people” and “sociology/behavior” oriented. Ms. Hruby has worked with large sophisticated organizations, and has succeeded in a variety of roles. Her career has been anything but “traditional” by corporate standards. Annette’s professional career has been a steady and progressive accumulation of very unique and extremely substantial experiences in the manufacturing, restaurant, health and fitness, automotive, trucking and senior living industries. She has worked with companies including ASAJ Corporation, Costco Wholesale, Morrie’s Automotive Group, ABC Disney, Complete Nutrition, MN State Chamber of Commerce, Hedstrom Plastics and BMW. In 2011 Ms. Hruby started her own consulting firm called The Hruby Group to better meet the needs of her business partnerships. Ms. Hruby enjoys traveling, cooking, skiing, and spending time with her family and friends. She is also on the Board of Directors for the Minnesota Colorectal Cancer Research Foundation.