The Norma Foundation is proud to support the Music Scores program in Collier County, Florida! The goal of this program is to bring a literacy-based violin program to Pre-K classes, focusing on low income families. The mission of the Music Scores program is “To cost-effectively increase learning potential that enhances literacy and focus, left-right brain development and self-regulation as well as motor and social skills, for pre-school children.”

Judy Evans created this program based on brain research studies. The studies state that playing the violin or piano for one year before the age of 5 increases the connections between the left and right hemispheres as well as develop the brain faster. This helps each child reach their potential.

The curriculum reinforces Executive Function Skills. Each violin session involves focus, concentration and self-regulation. The pre-k classroom teachers state they notice a difference in the children’s classroom focus after one month of violin lessons.

Importantly, the MusicScores Violin curriculum is extremely cost-effective. On average, including necessary supplies, reserves, and teacher and program director costs, the cost per child is less than $200.00 per year when amortized over 10 schools.

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