Ashland County Wildlife Association Kid’s Day

For the past 20 years on the first Saturday in June, the Ashland County Wildlife Conservation center has their annual Kid’s Day! This event is very popular outdoor adventure for many kids 6-12 years old, drawing in over 200 kids every year! There are 6 different session the kids will go through including:

  • Ashland County Bass Anglers – The fishing takes place in two ponds stocked with approximately 500 hybrid bluegill.
  • Ashland Bowman Archery Club – The archery session – In this session the participants shoot compound bows at balloons.
  • New Frontiersman Muzzleloading Club – The BB gun session – Participants get the opportunity to shoot a BB gun at a tin pie plate
  • Ashland County Park – Learn about the different parks in Ashland County and there wildlife.
  • Ashland County Pheasant Forever – Bird Dog Training session – See hunting bird dogs perform
  • Ashland County Ducks Unlimited – Duck Calling-Learn how different types of calls work and watch the dogs retrieve the birds.

This event bonds together area outdoor groups and business uniting them toward one goal, a fun out-of-doors day for our area kids. When one young boy was asked about his favorite thing about kids day he said, “This is the best day of my whole life!”

For more information, and to find out how to become a sponsor or how your child can be a part of Kids Day, visit the link below! The Norma Foundation is proud to support The Ashland County Wildlife Association Kid’s Day!