Ashland County Career Center Vet Tech Program

The Vet Tech program at the Career Center is a widely beneficial program to both students and animals. The Vet Tech Program has partnered with the Humane Society to take care of all types of animals from domesticated pets, reptiles, and even larger animals such as horses and livestock.

The students are able to learn how to properly care for animals, administer medications, and even witness spay and neuters. This unique program gives students the opportunity to gain more knowledge before going to veterinary school after graduation.

The Norma Foundation visited the program in February of 2021 to take a tour of the facility and to see if there was anything we could do to help. Anne, the instructor, showed us a shed that was beyond repair.

The Norma Foundation provided a new shed for the Vet Tech Program in order to store extra supplies without having to worry about items being damaged due to weather!