About the Foundation

The Norma Foundation is a private nonprofit foundation with a business mindset that funds charitable organizations with the aim of furthering the efforts of Norma Jewell. We are driven to reward the producers who come to us with compelling plans in need of monetary support.

About Norma

Born in 1933 in Wooster, Ohio, Norma Jean Jewell developed a heart for family, faith, animals, and hard work at a young age. Growing up on a farm in Ashland, she learned how to care for animals while excelling in school, graduating with honors from Ashland High School while working as an executive secretary at Hess & Clark. As an adult, Norma continued to surround herself with love and life, getting married, raising four children, and keeping a number of Rottweilers and Persian and Himalayan cats. It was the love for her own animals that prompted her to reach out to the needs of less fortunate cats and dogs in Ashland.

Norma was the co-founder of a company in Ashland, Ohio, where her work ethic and dedication were instrumental in the company’s success. In the midst of her work responsibilities, she continued to take the time to meet the needs of people and animals in her community. Norma gave countless hours, supplies, and money to assist the neglected animals of Ashland County, receiving numerous awards from the Ashland County Humane Society for her unwavering generosity. She also donated two K-9 dogs to the Ashland County Sheriff’s Department, providing a valuable service to the officers and the community they served. The Norma Foundation is privileged to honor her memory, support those projects that reflect what meant the most to her during her inspiring life.